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Achieving Excellence in Board Governance

Trower and Trower, Inc. is a nationally recognized consulting firm founded in 1998. Our mission is to help nonprofits get the most from the collective brain power around the board table by working with their leaders to achieve excellence in governance. The firm’s consulting services are provided by Dr. Cathy Trower, principal and president, who works with each organization on an individual basis.

The stakes have never been higher. The time is right. Get the most from your board.

Key Observations with Serious Implications for Governance

  • Board members are:
    • Bored at board meetings as they are “reported to” more so than “engaged with”
    • Deluged with data, and as a result, often miss what really matters
  • Board members are just like everyone else….they:
    • Dislike ambiguity and seek silver bullets and simple solutions to complex problems
    • Seek instant gratification and lack tolerance for processes that take time
  • Confronting values and beliefs is challenging, yet is required for effective governance because values and beliefs underlie action
  • Critical thinking is hard, but necessary, work