Ongoing Services / Coaching

Phase 3

As optional services, we offer follow-up support, technical assistance, feedback, coaching, and monitoring of progress as the board implements the action plan. The paramount objectives at this stage are to sustain the momentum generated by the governance review process, to execute action plans, and to provide a measure of external accountability.  Activities could include:

  • Reviewing and critiquing drafts of documents and templates developed by the board and/or management, and recommend changes as appropriate.
  • Advising the Chair, the CEO, committee chairs, and staff liaisons on the design and conduct of board meetings that are responsive to recommendations generated by the process.
  • Observing one or two board meetings within the first year after the retreat and provide real-time oral feedback and a written executive summary.
  • Observing committee or task force meetings.
  • Board committee self assessments.
  • Ongoing coaching.