by Cathy A. Trower

Practical Wisdom (with Peter D. Eckel) The number, scope, and scale of the challenges facing higher education institutions is unprecedented. But at the same time as college and universities face adversity, there are also numerous opportunities. These complex times demand more than ever before from leadership beginning with the president and the board—this book’s focus. We offer practical wisdom based on decades of experience working in higher education and with boards and presidents, a fresh examination of the issues that most vex trustees and CEOs alike, new ways of thinking about age-old governance problems, and strategies that work to help boards govern better.

The Practitioner’s Guide was informed by research and enlightened by practice. Each chapter summarizes the most relevant literature on a central topic, applies it to nonprofit boards in the context of Governance as Leadership (2005) by Chait, Ryan, and Taylor in principle, and then also in practice with actual boards. The practice-based material presented in this book is drawn from Cathy’s consulting practice, in-depth interviews with the CEOs and board chairs of sixteen nonprofit organizations (six colleges and universities; four independent schools; four health care organizations; and two community service organizations), reflective practice conversations with Richard Chait and William Ryan, and on polls of CEOs and trustees at conferences, workshops, and board meetings over the past several years.

Govern More, Manage Less is the second edition of Chait’s original book, written to encompass the more recent challenges and opportunities facing nonprofit boards as they govern in increasingly complex times and under greater scrutiny.

Success on the Tenure Track uses Dr. Trower’s previous and then current research on faculty satisfaction while serving as Research Director of the Collaborative on Academic Career in Higher Education (COACHE), to examine how to best structure tenure to be relevant to the changing landscape in higher education. Her major theme, that higher education policies and procedures have not adapted to or evolved with a changing educational environment, is well documented.  The structure of the book makes it easy to follow. Each chapter introduces a topic related to tenure and cites concrete examples from five institutions that COACHE has chosen as exemplary universities and colleges. The chapters end with policy and procedure applications, and tangible, practical recommendations that reflect the prodigious research cited throughout the book.

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Practical Wisdom

The Practitioner’s Guide to Governance as Leadership

Govern More, Manage Less

Success on the Tenure Track