Govern More, Manage Less

by Cathy A. Trower

Govern More, Manage Less: Harnessing the Power of Your Nonprofit Board is an iconic 40-page booklet designed to help Board members and Chief Executives who are already so inclined to direct their boards’ energy toward institutional governance—toward the area where the board is probably best positioned to add value to the organization.

govern more bookChapter 1 explains what micromanagement is, why it happens, and what can be done about it. Chapter 2 examines events that are catalysts for the board overstepping its role and micromanaging. Chapters 3 and 4 explain the roles of the board and the chief executive in governing and managing. Chapter 5 explains the advantages of being a board that governs rather than manages and details the six characteristics of effective boards.

Realistically, new practices and guidelines alone, however sensible, cannot reform board members mesmerized by operational details, or compensate for senior staff unable or unprepared to raise the Board’s sights. Most Boards need the hands-on guidance of a qualified third party professional to overcome these issues.

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